White Paper

January 2023, v.3.1.1
(Project is under development, check our roadmap)


Pylon Eco Token (PETN) is a product of  Pylon Fintech. PETN is a Decentralized  Finance (DeFi), Governance and Deflationary Open Source Ecosystem based Project with the benefit of Utility Token & Cryptocurrency. Being confident in the project, We offered for the first time in the Crypto Industry Buyback of all ICO Tokens. PETN also has Staking and Community Growth Rewards. We plan to bring Fan Tokens, NFT, Play to Earn and Metaverse platforms to offer a complete set of use cases through our Pylon Eco Token in the future.

People are using Pylon Eco Token (PETN) to Trade, Invest, Liquidity mining and in Pylon Ecosystem. We have plenty of ecosystems that can bring products and services together. We are using it in our daily life globally and we intend to bring mass crypto adoption into reality through our ecosystem.

From Mobile top-up & Gift Cards, Travel (Hotels/Flights) booking, E-commerce, Auction, Gaming, Crypto wallet & Exchange and Payments & Cards solutions. Once the projects are fully operational, we plan to bring Ecosystem projects to the Open Source developer community while remaining project maintainers. At the same time, we plan to transform Pylon Fintech into Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

These diverse online businesses with open-source ecosystem projects will provide significant leverage to use our tokens and make good revenue simultaneously.

PETN is trading in Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges. We are available in the top five crypto wallets. It is also available in hardware wallets to hold long-term tokens in cold storage.

The Governance process decides most of our activities in the project. It also makes decentralized decisions among the token holders. Transaction fees, open-source developer community funds, staking incentive rewards funds, burning of tokens, unlocking of ICO tokens and others are governed through the voting process.

Let's talk about numbers. We have issued 99 million PETN tokens in the total supply. Being a Deflationary token, the total supply of tokens keeps on reducing when peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions happen by automatically burning tokens, which is now down to 98 million.

The max supply of 99 million tokens, when this project brings 99 thousand users through its ecosystem projects by holding an average of 1000 PETN tokens individually or 1 Million users holding an average of 100 PETN, the supply of PETN tokens will be 100% saturated. The price will skyrocket to any other value based on the buyer's demand. It's like when 21 million people want to hold 1 Bitcoin, which will saturate the Bitcoin supply. So we need to wait and watch to enjoy the moment of our capital growth.

Get your tokens to decide the future of the project !!!

For more info, visit our website at www.pylontoken.com.

The Problem

There are thousands of different types of tokens in the blockchain. Out of those, some are listed on www.coinmarketcap.com. In 2016/2017, many crypto projects came into the market as an initial coin offering (ICO). People bought the tokens of the projects expecting a bright future for the project and most of them are not able to keep the hope of the users. If you see the tokens that came into existence, around 98% failed. The majority of the ICO investors lost their investments.

In 2020/2021, after the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) came into the market, it seems to be a better offering than the ICO in 2016/2017. Again a new wave of early investment in the project started globally. None of those projects have a buyback of the tokens on the IEO/ICO. So again, there is a risk to own those tokens like it became the risk in the past.

Seeing the growing demand for Decentralized Finance (DeFi), which will be autonomous, still does not help the project's growth. As it remains the same, which will never change overtime to give the same look and feel, DeFi projects seem dull.

The market is still looking at the blockchain project, which is decentralized finance (DeFi) and it keeps changing over time and brings value to the project. This is the only way to keep value growing to the project in the future. We see the governance token started coming into the market. However, the problem still exists by having a very high number of tokens to be released or minted over time which again does not fulfill the investor's expectations and market demand by creating the value to the project.

Here we come up with an innovative concept that will address all the problems to the existing crypto-based projects. This brings the mass adoption of crypto through the ecosystem, which has plenty of products & services that we are using in our daily life globally. It is also a long-term value growth-oriented project through its unique DeFi, Governance & Deflationary nature. We decided to issue a token that possesses several features:

  • Buyback of all ICO tokens.
  • It is a Governance token.
  • Posses DeFi token characteristics.
  • Use it into the ecosystem as a Utility token.
  • Use it as a Cryptocurrency.
  • Deflationary to bring value growth in future.
  • To the people, by the people, for the people.
The Solution

Completely comprehending the depth and the nature of the problem that crypto space faces nowadays, our team commenced actions to bring a durable solution for the crypto world. The project should be confident enough to attract investors. Should solve and contribute towards the Crypto Industry. The project should have a revenue stream to sustain in the market providing enough liquidity for Traders, Investors, Liquidity miners and used in daily life by launching Pylon Eco Token (PETN), described below.

Innovative features of Token (Cumulatively in the Project):

  • 99 Million total supply, which will be around 98 Million before the ICO phase completes
  • DeFi Governance Token, provides the benefit of Utility Token & Cryptocurrency
  • Deflationary Token by Burning in every transaction
  • Buyback of all ICO tokens
  • Future cross-chain availability of tokens
  • Having the most extensive ecosystem used in daily life to bring mass crypto adoption
  • Handover ecosystem to the open-source developer community
  • Open-source Community developer fund secured from every transaction
  • Staking Reward Incentive fund secured from every transaction
  • 10% token spend on referral incentive, marketing and Airdrop from the total supply

DeFi Governance voting will determine:

  • Transaction fee %
  • Burning of Tokens %
  • Open Source projects community development fund %
  • Staking Incentive Reward fund %
  • Selection of ecosystem project
  • Launch of new ecosystem project
  • Stop the process of Burning tokens when they reach a particular total supply
  • Unlocking % of the ICO and PreSale tokens
The Market

Even though cryptocurrency has made a significant impact on the world economy since its presentation to the public, and taking into account that this topic had wide coverage in mainstream media, announcing large purchases of cryptocurrency by hedge funds and traditional investment pools, cryptocurrencies are not rapidly becoming embraced by merchants, financial institutions, and consumers alike. Moreover, in general, we could say that crypto has still not been adopted by the majority of society.

There are many reasons for that and among them is the unidirectional character of all ICO projects that have been designed and implemented so far. The majority of them cover only one topic that hinders the entire process concerning the wide application and mass adoption of cryptos in the world.

Therefore, we decided to design a product that will address the problem mentioned above. As a result, our team came up with Pylon Eco Token, which is multimodal and provides the following benefits:

  • It is a Governance token
  • It also has features of Utility and DeFi token
  • It could be used as a Cryptocurrency
  • Deflationary in nature to bring future value
  • Supports Open Source developer community funds
  • Supports Staking incentive reward funds 

We envisage using Pylon Eco Token (PETN) in plenty of ecosystem projects. The PETN team believes that as a result of their activities it will be possible to introduce a universal token to the public that could be used daily in purchasing products and services on a global scale thus affecting the mass application of crypto in the world.

Our experts estimate that the daily turnover of the Pylon Eco Token could reach up to 100 Million US dollars when we launch all of our ecosystems and use them globally.

Token Details

Forty million is distributed in the stakeholder ICO phase to the founder member of the project who invests in the verbal idea of the project. The token is distributed to 8 users raising 25,000 BUSD from each, resulting in a 200,000 BUSD total contributed in this phase. This phase involves high risk and high gain. One million PETN each from this phase is distributed to Twenty members of the Growth Team, resulting in around 400k PETN each. One hundred thousand PETN each from this phase is bought back by the company for resale through the Pre-Sale in the secondary market.

Ten million tokens are distributed in the Private ICO phase to the early adopter and believers of the project based on the whitepaper. The token is distributed to 250 users raising 1,600 BUSD from each, resulting in a 400,000 BUSD total contributed in this phase. Also, in this phase, users are required to invite four people to the same or next phase of the ecosystem.

Ten million tokens are distributed in the Pre ICO phase to the early investor of the project based on the ongoing development of the ecosystem projects. In addition, the token is distributed to 1000 users raising 1,200 BUSD from each, resulting in a 1,200,000 BUSD total contributed in this phase.

Ten million will be issued to the company as a liquidity reserve. In addition, nine million tokens are distributed as referral incentives, airdrops and marketing of the projects.

Out of Twenty million tokens, Five million tokens will be divested each year for the project's operations and based on the completion of a new ecosystem project.

All the ICO tokens are buyback on the original price for those who purchased without a referral, and referral incentives are deducted for others. The buyback program is valid till 365 days from the date the first ecosystem is launched. The ICO Buyback process may take up to the same number of days from the ICO purchase to the ICO buyback requested date. The ICO buyback is only valid if the ICO tokens are not used to transfer or consume any product or service directly or indirectly. In addition, the buyback program does not cover any tokens sold by the company after listing to the secondary markets (Exchanges).

*25% of the ICO token will be released every year, leaving almost no space for pump and dump. The release starts after the first ecosystem launch, which can be managed through the governance process by the token holders in the future.

Technical Details:
Token Name: Pylon Eco Token
Token Symbol: PETN
Total Max Supply: 99 Million
Token Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Token Type: DeFi, Governance & Deflationary
Transaction Tax: 1.99% (Burnt: 0.99%, Open Source: 0.5% & Staking: 0.5%)
Token Unlocking: *25% Yearly for all ICO Token


We want to bring a daily use of crypto and mass adoption to the people globally through our ecosystem services/products. We have allocated funds from every transaction to develop our ecosystem through the developer community.

A new ecosystem will launch when the project brings 10,000 new users or 100 unique daily users in the last 30 days per ecosystem cumulatively or decided by the governance process.

Mobile Topup & Gift Cards | www.pyloncharge.com 
Provides a wide range of payments in Finance, Gift Cards, Government, Insurance, Internet, Landline, Mobile, Television, Transportation, Utilities and VoIP services across Africa, Americas, Antarctic, Asia, Europe and Oceania. 

Travel (Hotels/Flights) | www.pylontrip.com 
Provides a wide range of payments required for your travel needs national and international Hotel Reservations, Flight Tickets, Car Rentals, Cruises, Trains Tickets and insurance around the globe.

E-commerce | www.pylonmall.com 
Offers millions of products at the best price. Starting from the USA, we are opening new countries for local delivery of all our products. Upcoming countries are India, Australia, China and Russia.

Online Auction | www.pylonauction.com 
Provides a wide range of products in an auction where you can participate and place your bids on your desired price. We have products available for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly deadlines for it.

Gaming | www.pylonplay.com 
Offers wide collections of games for adults and non-adults for free or paid for real-time earnings. You can play as a challenge with your friends. Games are across racing, shooting, adventures, puzzles, cards, toss, rullets, slots, arcades e.t.c.

Crypto Wallet | www.pylonwallet.com 
Buy, store, exchange and earn crypto using our trusted and secure crypto wallet. We offer internal wallets along with external wallets. Using internal wallets to transfer across ecosystem sites in your account is fast, secure and free of cost.

Crypto Exchange | www.pylonexchange.com 
With the growing demand for crypto across the globe, we offer the widely used top crypto to buy, sell or trade. Some of the cryptos are BTC, BCH, ETH, BNB, LTC, USDT, BUSD, TRX, XRP e.t.c.

Payments & Cards | www.pyloncash.com 
It offers the payments and remittance service, through which you can cash out your token values in fiat currencies through its channel partners. It will also offer prepaid debit cards to users worldwide through the exchange of your tokens.

If you think of any new ecosystem to be added to the project ecosystem that will bring mass adoption to the community, we love to hear from you. We would like to contribute by bringing those products and services into daily use. Please contact us with more info.

Revenue Model
Here are some explanations on how this project will sustain and bring revenue to run the ecosystem and become profitable in some period. Until the ecosystem projects are not self-sustainable collectively, the company will keep divesting five million PETN tokens yearly from the reserve for the next four years.

Mobile Topup & Gift Cards |
As we all know, for Domestic utility payment services, while accessing from the International locations, we are currently paying 3% to 5% additional on actual cost. Therefore, we want to bring domestic utility services prices internationally. Also, being competitive, we hope to gain users to use our PETN token and the ecosystem without any hesitation.

Travel (Hotels/Flights) | www.pylontrip.com 
Travel Agents or Operators are already running their business in profits by offering Flights and Hotel room bookings. We want to provide the same service with no marginal profit on our wholesale prices. This makes our product more competitive than others and we hope to see users using our PETN token and the ecosystem quickly.

E-commerce | www.pylonmall.com 
From Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Alibaba and so on. All these e-commerce platforms became multi-billion-dollar empires in the e-commerce industry. We want to bring a platform that will connect sellers and buyers with no margin. This will create an attractive option over the existing platforms. When users start using our platform, our PETN token will be used. People using PETN tokens are our users of the ecosystem.

Online Auction | www.pylonauction.com 
It is well known open secret that people want to buy the latest version of popular gadgets like Apple, Samsung and other brands. But unfortunately, only some of us can afford it. People can easily pay an auction bidding cost of 1% to get 100% value of the product. When we already have more than 100 bidders who will spend 1% on bidding, that auction goes to profit.

Gaming | www.pylonplay.com 
It is a well-known industry for various age ranges, kids to old people for spending their time and earning at the same time. So we will also offer PETN tokens to the free users to value their time. While in the same time, we also provide gaming competitions to play and earn, where we will charge some fee to provide the platform to our users, which brings revenue to the ecosystem.

Crypto Wallet | www.pylonwallet.com 
In using wallets and exchanges to withdraw our crypto, while the blockchain network fee of BEP20 is below USD 0.50, they are charging up to USD 2.5, making a 4x profit on the user's withdrawal fee. BEP20 is just one sample, It may not be a similar profit in each network's fee, but there is room to make profits. When our ecosystem's user increases in withdrawing their crypto assets, this will bring good revenue to the project.

Crypto Exchange | www.pylonexchange.com 
For all the people using crypto, the exchange is a proven profit-making business that generates revenue by listing new tokens, trading fees, margin fees, withdrawal fees, spreads on trades and many more. When we are already acquiring crypto users through various ecosystems who also need a trading platform helps to generate revenue for the project.

Payments & Cards | www.pyloncash.com 
We want to give a solution for instant cashout of PETN tokens to various geographically with their local payment wallets like Paytm in India, bKash in Bangladesh, Esewa/Khalti in Nepal, Skrill/Neteller in Europe, PayPal globally and so on. As observed, withdrawal from various remit and payment gateways to local currency has conversion rate profits. This will bring good revenue to the project.

Net profit from all ecosystem projects will be used to buy back our token from the market and burn it. This will help to reduce the total tokens in circulation and increase the value of the token over time. Also, we can decide the use of it via the governance process on any other appropriate activities like offering Annual Percentage Yield (APY), Staking Incentives, Liquidity Reserve, Ecosystem Fund, Blockchain Accelerator Fund, Donate to a right cause and so on.

If you think we are moving in the wrong direction or you know better options to generate revenue through our ecosystem projects, please guide us to deliver the best version to our token holders.


As we have a few years to complete the ecosystem projects, we think to do things differently from others in the crypto projects. While other crypto projects are spending one-fourth of their revenue on marketing. We tried to do things differently. We also believe in the power of mouth-to-mouth spread of messages through friends and family. Which will bring required token holders, investors, traders, liquidity miners and users into the ecosystem.

We believe in our project with very innovative features that no one ever offered to the IEO/ICO investments and things worked for us.

An airdrop is distributing a cryptocurrency token or coin, usually for free, to multiple wallet addresses. Airdrops are primarily implemented to gain attention and new followers, resulting in a more extensive user base and a wider disbursement of coins. We implement airdrop via telegram, social media campaign, partnership with exchanges and many more where ever it is possible to make awareness of our project.

Referral Incentive
ICO Tokens:
Starting from 5%, 2.5%, 1.25%, 0.75%, 0.50% resulting in a total of 10% referral incentives are awarded for five levels in tokens respectively. Which is bought by the system and gives the user a referral incentive in BUSD and makes it available to transfer or withdraw instantly.

Pre-Sale Tokens:
We decided to reward our existing members who help to bring people to the project and grow our community bigger with 10% referral incentives in BUSD.

Token Type Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
ICO/Community Growth Reward 5% 2.50% 1.25% 0.75% 0.50%
Pre-Sale Reward 10% - - - -
Community Growth Reward (Country) 2% - - - -
Community Growth Reward (City) 3% - - - -

Our team is working hard to complete all activities on or before the listed tentative schedules as below. However, based on the complexity of the work, we need to rely on third-party representatives. Therefore, completion of listed activities may take a longer time. Still, we will make sure all the activities are completed on or before time cumulatively.

The roadmap may change without any prior notice. If you have any issues regarding it, you can always ask to return back your ICO tokens to the company through the buyback program.

Q3/Q4 2021

Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 2022

Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 2023 

Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 2024 
  • Ecosystem launch for E-commerce
  • Ecosystem launch for NFT Project
  • Get listed in top exchanges globally
  • Implement Vesting function for all Locking Condition Tokens
  • Divest 5 Million tokens to new Token Holders globally
  • PETN Giveaway in AirDrop, Marketing & Promotions
  • Open-source the Ecosystem projects
  • Migrate Pylon Fintech LLC to Pylon Ecosystem DAO

Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 2025

2026 - 2030
  • Partnership with multiple projects to build the market
  • Integrate new products and services used in the global market
  • Launch our own Blockchain Network when we reach enough transactions
  • PETN Giveaway in AirDrop, Marketing & Promotions
  • Bring new users & Token Holders to the Ecosystem
  • Announce & launch a new Ecosystem project
  • Open-source the Ecosystem projects

We have collaborations with multiple players in the crypto industry. 

Our partners are: 

  • Exchanges (CEX, DEX & Aggregator)
  • Token Information listing Companies
  • Crypto Wallets (Software & Hardware)

Besides, we have extended our partnership with: 

  • Mobile/top-up recharge and gift cards provider 
  • Airlines and hotel booking provider 
  • Games providers
Executive Team

The company’s team derives from professionals passionate about blockchain technology, trading, and portfolio management with a demonstrated history of working in different industries (financial services, trading, real estate, travel, software development, and others) in Asia, Europe, and America.

We want to extend our warm welcome to any qualified future team member who can bring value growth to the project. Also, any team members are replaceable through the governance process.

Shishir Pokharel

Shishir Pokharel (Head of Information Technology) [USA]
Shishir is a software engineer. He holds more than a decade of experience in system administration and project architecture. Presently, He is working on audio/video (AV) streaming technology to bring it into the blockchain.

Lutz Flechsig Lutz Flechsig (Head of Trade & Market Making) [Netherlands]
Lutz is an experienced trader with over thirty years of experience in trading commodities, forex, stocks, crypto in delivery, non-delivery, leverage, margins, CFD, spot, and futures markets. He also runs a crypto club in the Netherlands.
Tatiana Kvekveskiri Tatiana Kvekveskiri (Head of Operations & Finance) [Georgia]
Tatiana has around ten years of diverse working experience in banks, forex, real-estate industry in accounts and operations. She is a successful trader and believer in crypto and leads our overall project's operations and finance. 
Ashok Gautam Ashok Gautam (Head of Wallet, Exchange & Cash) [Georgia]
Ashok is a blockchain expert with extensive knowledge of servers and security. He has served as a system admin in Internet Service Provider, IT Manager in a Bank, CEO in Fintech and Blockchain company. He is a Spokesperson & Information Officer in this project.
Mikheil Chitadze Mikheil Chitadze (Head of PylonPlay) [Georgia]
Mikheil likes to do art, he is good at graphic creation. His passion is to make a career in the Gaming Industry. He is very good at gaming. We expect he will bring the gaming environment to the project and help grow the gaming section of our ecosystem.
BJ Solanki BJ Solanki (Head of PylonTrip) [India]
BJ Solanki has around ten years of experience in the travel industry. He also owns multiple businesses from restaurants, hotels, money exchanges etc. We believe the company will demonstrate outstanding results under Mr. Solanki’s sagacious guidance.